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Himoto Cyclone Powder Room and Delta Metal powder appear in cross-trade Fair
Publisher:handler Date of issue:2021-10-25

China Cross-border E-commerce Fair 2021 (autumn) (hereinafter referred to as "Cross-Trade Fair") will be held at the Pavilion of China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) in Guangzhou from September 24 to 26. The fair is dedicated to resolving the bottlenecks and pain points of cross-border trade under the impact of the epidemic, and promoting the digital upgrade of traditional foreign trade.

This is also a concentrated appearance of many domestic brands to expand overseas markets in the post-epidemic era. Zhongshan Himoto Coating Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Zhongshan Himoto) and its sister brand Guangdong Damei Fluorocarbon New Material Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Guangdong Damei) were invited to participate in the cross-trade fair. Their booth was 10.3J07, which was very popular. This is also a good indicator of the Chinese economy.

It is understood that the cross intersection by China foreign trade center group co., LTD., the Ministry of Commerce, bureau of foreign trade development, fujian hui source international exhibition co., LTD., China's foreign trade guangzhou exhibition co., LTD., guangzhou municipal government and co-organized business hall as guidance units in guangdong province, wide coverage, large influence, belt, chain are congruent many bright spots.

The exhibition is not only a concentrated display of new and excellent "Made in China" products, but also a large-scale procurement of selected products for cross-border e-commerce at the end of the year. Zhongshan, Ben and guangdong magnesium attaches great importance to the exhibition, to overseas market price high big cyclone powder room and delta metal powder, polished signboard spraying industry, seize new opportunities, to construct the core competitiveness of the sea, to lead and promote enterprise by means of cross-border electricity, open up diversified marketing channels, continuous innovation and healthy development of.

For more than ten years, Zhongshan Himoto and Guangdong Magnesium has been the benchmark in the paint industry. With the proven quality and service, the product series can win the long-term trust of customers, especially the big cyclone powder house and other products of Zhongshan Himoto and the popularity and reputation of Guangdong Da Magnesium new materials are constantly improving.

Reporters at the booth to see the scene, Zhongshan Himoto big, small cyclone powder room, electrostatic spraying gun and other products in short supply. Among them, the big cyclone powder room introduced Germany advanced technology and process, the use of high efficiency cyclone separation device, single separation efficiency can reach 98%, saving powder; Sandwich structure, and can be configured with a fast color change powder center; Open hand spray platform design, especially suitable for some difficult spray large parts; Single powder separation rate up to 98%, saving powder; At the bottom of the spray room, pulsed airflow blowback device or automatic scraper device can be used to ensure the timely recovery and utilization of the powder sprayed; Using high quality and long life nano film coated filter element and patented technology filter element cleaning device, the life of the filter element can be up to several years; Nano-coated filter element, can capture more than 0.1 micron dust, do not waste a little powder, at the same time, the filtered gas into clean air, does not affect the health of workers.

"Guangdong da Magnesium new material product range, excellent performance, fully show the nature of high-tech, with outstanding corrosion resistance and weather resistance, suitable for super weather resistance occasions; And suitable for seaside, desert and other harsh climate environment, special application warranty life can be as long as 15 years, annual sales growth of 200%, and also in the growing trend, Guangdong Magnesium has passed IS9001-2015 international quality system certification, which is also a full affirmation of our quality." Director Wang readily accepted the interview.

Zhongshan, Ben and guangdong of magnesium from little-known across to the platform type enterprise, reflects the Chinese economy's toughness and upgrade, also reveal the spray coating profession is trying to achieve the development of high quality, sun yat-sen, the big cyclone spray is active layout is a miniature of the economy at home and abroad large loop, made in China not only demonstrate strength, promoting the development of industry scale.

Mr.wong believe that guangzhou owns the country's first sales trillion-dollar business circle, cross-border business and live electrical business scale, first in the country has a complete cross-border electricity industry chain and ecosystem, this and guangdong zhongshan he do enough preparation for magnesium, hard through the transformation and upgrading of foreign trade and innovation and development, to build the world famous brands can assign.

In the post-epidemic era, China's economic performance is impressive. Companies represented by Zhongshan Himoto and Guangdong Damei actively adjust their strategies. On the one hand, they optimize the layout of the domestic market, on the other hand, they seize the overseas market, and develop new opportunities and open up new opportunities in the "double cycle bad" strategy. Sun yat-sen, the magnesium, guangdong will continue to promote large whirlwind magnesium powder room and of fluorocarbon powder such as green, application of new materials, better use of the products to domestic and foreign merchants, zhongshan, it is not only this, those of a forward-looking companies such as guangdong of magnesium era of responsibility, but also social mission, gathers more power promoting the development of national economy to achieve high quality.

Fall across the intersection, provides a good platform, zhongshan, Ben and guangdong of magnesium in platform construction of ecosystem, take the lead in coating industry by boat out to sea, can yet be regarded as a kind of strategy, China needs such a leader, to promote "made in China" to "Chinese wisdom", as well as links to the world, help the global economic recovery.

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